How to Send an e-card with VIPKid

When I was a little girl, I LOVED to check the mail. Of course, that’s because I would only get letters and cards and not any of the bills that fill my mailbox as an adult. Nonetheless, when I learned that we could send our students e-cards through VIPKids, I jumped on the chance.

Below, I have shared the step-by-step instructions for how to send an e-card.  Please note, you must use the phone app to send these. I have not found a way to send them through the portal

Step 1: Find Your Student

Open the phone list, and go to your list of classes. If the student you are looking for isn’t on the first page, scroll down until you see “All Bookings,” and click it to expand the list and be able to search by day.  Once you find a class with your student, click on it to open that specific class.  Then click on your student’s name to open the student screen.

card - 1

2. Enter the “Gift” Screen

At the top of the screen there is a gift box. Click on the gift box in the upper right hand corner to “Send a Gift.”


3. Choose “Send a Card”

From this screen, you can either request the student’s mailing address (so you can send them a “real” gift, or you can send them an e-card.  To send an e-card, click the orange “Send a Card” button at the bottom of the screen.

card - 3

4. Select Your Card and Customize It.

Once you click on “Send a Card” look at the bottom of your screen, and you can scroll through a list of available e-cards. As of November 2019, all are currently free (meaning they don’t require any tokens.) In the past, some cost 5 tokens to send. Use your finger to scroll through the cards at the bottom to find one that you like. Once you have selected one, a list of pre-formatted messages will be visible that relate to the theme of the card. Click on each one to view the longer message.  Once you have selected the card type and the message you want to use, click “Send.”  You must check the box at the bottom that says “I agree to send this greeting card.” You can click on the sentence to read the full terms you are agreeing to.  Once you click the orange “Send” button, the student will be automatically notified of their card!

In the example below, I chose the birthday card template, and one of the four birthday messages available. 


If you are looking for the ability to send fully customized messages without a template, I suggest looking into We Chat. There are pros and cons to using it, but I find it very effective when communicating with my regular students and their parents.

If you have any questions about how to send cards, or when it might or might not be appropriate, feel free to ask in the comments! Otherwise, enjoy!

Author: Amelia Barker

Dreamer. Doer. Color Street Stylist. VIPKid Teacher.

17 thoughts on “How to Send an e-card with VIPKid”

  1. Do the ecards still work? I have tried to send them (using the mobile app) and after writing the card and selecting the card I receive an error message. Hmmmm. Any suggestions?


    1. Yes! Scroll down to the bottom of your class page and choose “all bookings.” Then at the top of the next page you can go back as far as you want by scrolling through the months!


    1. Hi Kreslyn! If you have time and are excited to see them, then absolutely! I generally think of it in the context of my own kids. If they would enjoy it, then our students probably will too!


  2. I am new to VIPKID. I had a student book me for a week out, but then canceled shortly after booking. Would it be appropriate to send an e-card to that student? If so, any suggestions on careful wording??

    Thank you for all the tips!!


    1. Hi Katie! I am glad you have found this helpful. It’s not uncommon for students to cancel because schedules change! (It’s nothing personal!) If you have time I think it would be fine to send a card, though not necessary. I would keep it simple and say something like, “I was looking forward to our class together. I hope to see you soon! Love, Teacher Amelia” If you see anything useful in the t2t feedback you could add something like, “I heard you like Spider-man. I like him too!” But that’s not necessary! I hope this helps- Amelia


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