VIPKid Certification and Teacher Prep (Updated March 2019)

In the time between your interview/demo and your certification, you will need to decide what levels you first wish to pursue. Then you will need to prepare for your mock class certification.  Below are some tips to help you get prepared!

  • Pay attention to the information VIPKid sends you. They will send you helpful information, training videos, and more. They will give you everything you need to be successful, so be sure to review everything!
  • Decide what age of students you would most like to teach. Effective March, 2019, applicants can choose to certify for either lower levels (Interactive Level 2 and Level 3) or intermediate levels (Level 4 and Level 5.) For more information about each level, check out VIPKid Certification Levels (Updated March 2019).
  • Consider feedback you’ve received. Based on feedback from your demo, what areas do you most need to review and/or practice?
  • Plan your mock class. What TPR, props, etc. will you use for your certification.  I’m in the process of building out detailed guides to help with each specific certification.  Because Level 2 Interactive is the most popular level for students, that is usually where I recommend my applicants begin. Here’s the comprehensive guide to help you get ready for the lower level mock class: VIPKid – Preparing for Mock Class (Lower Level)
  • Set up coaching with your mentor. Have you gotten feedback from your mentor on your mock classes? Have you had someone look at your background and your props?
  • Check out other resources online. While I have tried to provide a lot of suggestions for you, every teaching style is different, so you can get inspiration from so many amazing teachers! Search for the hashtag #vipkidteacherlife (or lots of other hashtags!) on Instagram and YouTube. A few of my personal favorites are Nancy Taylor and Jennifer Anderson, but there are SO MANY GREAT TEACHERS!  Check it out and learn from the best!
  • Check out Facebook groups. Once you are hired, you can join many great Facebook groups. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, so I suggest starting with one just to get your feet wet. Here are the groups I am a part of:
    • VIPKid Education (Official VIPKid group): This is the only one that is moderated by VIPKid HQ and Staff, so I highly recommend it.
    • VIPKid Videos and Props: This group was started by Jennifer Anderson (see above) and focuses on prop usage in the classroom (mostly 2-d printed props.)
    • VIPKid Google Slides Group (official): This group is all about digital rewards that you can use on a phone, tablet, or software such as ManyCam or TwistCam.
    • VIPKid Chinese – Say What?? : This group is run by Ed Nace and a group of fluent Chinese-speakers. They provide help on good feedback that translates well and they can help interpret odd things you may see in parent feedback or in class.
    • VIPKid – Using Chinese Social Media: This group helps with questions around WeChat or other Chinese social media

There are many, many more groups, and I promise you can find one that fits your specific interests.

Whatever you decide to do to prepare, just pace yourself. There is so much information available, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. That’s where your VIPKid mentor can really add value. Let us help you sift through the info to find what will help you get certified and get started teaching!

Good luck!

Author: Amelia Barker

Dreamer. Doer. Color Street Stylist. VIPKid Teacher.

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