VIPKid Interview Process – Fast Pass Coaching Day

There are several different ways VIPKid applicants can complete their interviews and demo class. The newest (and fastest) way is to do a New Smart Demo Lesson – VIPKid Shortcut – April 2019.

If that option is not available, they can complete the VIPKid Interview and Full Demo.

In some areas, applicants can attend a Fast Pass Coaching event. This is a great way to learn more about the company and to meet some existing teachers. You should apply before RSVP’ing to a coaching event, and I would be happy to try to help find an event near you.  If you are able to attend, here’s what you can expect:

  • Skills Based Practice with experienced teachers. Skills include:
    • TPR (Total Physical Response)
    • Energy
    • Phonics
    • Student Output
    • Appropriate Language
    • Pacing
    • Reward Systems
  • Practice and Feedback
    • Help with the Online Teaching Portal
    • Practice for Mock Class/Certification
    • Schedule your Mock Class

The cost for the event is free, and it can last up to four hours.  You will need to bring a laptop with a video camera (please update your flash and Chrome browser before the session.)  Be sure you know your VIPKid username and password before attending. Attire is casual.

You can find a schedule of events in the VIPKid teacher’s portal under Community–> Events. Of course, I would be happy to try to help you find one as well. If you are looking for a mentor, feel free to reach out or apply using my referral link.

Good luck!

What’s a VIPKid referral anyway?

By now, if you’ve read any of my blog posts or watched any of my videos, you’ve seen me talking about my referral link. So what is it, and why should you use it?

In short, by using a referral link, you are connecting one on one with a VIPKid mentor. This is not an employee; it’s a fellow teacher.  It’s someone who has been through the process and is willing to show you the ropes.

When I went through the process in September 2018, I didn’t have a mentor. This was especially unfortunate, because the process was changing AS I WAS INTERVIEWING (!) and so many of the videos didn’t really align with my experience. In hindsight, it would have been great to have someone I could lean on for questions and feedback through the process.

So – what can you expect from me, if you decide you would like me to be your mentor?

A. I will support you via email.

We all love email! It’s quick and easy and available all the time. If you have questions, shoot them over to me, and I’ll be happy to respond!  Just contact me here.  I’ll shoot you my email address. (Or it’s also in the photo and video at the end of this post.) I’ll do my best to respond within 24 hours!

B. I will review your demo class/mock class.

I was so nervous to present to the interviewer! I would have loved to be able to do a dry run and get some pre-feedback before the actual interview.

C. I will set up a 1:1 video call with you.

If you’re local, let’s just get together! If not, let’s zoom! There’s nothing that puts your mind quite at ease like just having a conversation with someone who has successfully completed what you are doing. It’s a great chance to set aside 30 minutes to get any questions answered and talk through the process.

D. I will add you to my brand new private Facebook group, Amelia VIPKID – Teacher Central!

What’s so special about a Facebook group? I’m glad you asked! This is basically a newcomer’s guide to VIPKid. It’s organized in such a way that it’s a roadmap. It’s quick and easy to refer to. I’ve structured the content into 16 units (and counting.) Some of the posts are a five-minute read, while others link to a longer blog post or video. (Speaking of videos, check this one out, where you can get a tour!

This page is very much a work in progress, and it will continue to grow with new information, so stay tuned!

There are plenty of good mentors out there to help you along your VIPKid journey. I hope this is helpful in understanding the process a little bit more and learning how I (or another) mentor can assist!

Happy teaching!

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