VIPKid Simplified Demo Lesson (May 27, 2019)

Effective May 27, 2019, the Simplified Demo will replace the VIPKid Interview and Full Demo process!

Effective May 27, 2019, some applicants are being offered the chance to schedule either a live or recorded “Simplified Demo Lesson.  This replaces the traditional VIPKid Interview and Full Demo for new applicants.

*Disclaimer* I have not known anyone to go through this yet, but this is based on my research and feedback from other referral mentors! (I’d love for you to be one of the first!)


This is very much like the VIPKid Interview and Full Demo, but the demo portion is shorter and more simplified. It’s based off of the “Me, Myself, and I” lesson and it is just a couple of slides and the demonstration is designed to take only 5 minutes.

What to Expect

If you choose the live demo, here is what you can expect:

  1. Question and Answer Session: Your interviewer will begin with a question and answer session, just like the full demo. This is a friendly discussion that’s meant to highlight your educational background, experience, and what you bring to VIPKid.
  2. 5-Minute Demo: You will need to be prepared to teach a short, 5- minute demo on the slides provided. You will need to:
    • Review the slides in advance and practice. It’s important to be comfortable with the material on each slide.
    • Use TPR. These gestures are a vital part of becoming a VIPKid teacher, so you’ll want to include them in your demo.
    • Build rapport with the “student” in your introduction.
    • Use props. Because there are only a few slides, you do not need to have a lot of props, but I would suggest at least two simple props to help illustrate the lesson.
    • Use a reward. You will want to reward your student for doing well when they respond appropriately.
    • Correct mistakes. Your interviewer WILL make mistakes, so you will want to be prepared. Be ready to encourage them to use complete sentences and correct pronunciation, and then reward them enthusiastically when they do!
  3. Coaching and Guidance: Based on your interview and demo, your interviewer will provide you specific feedback about how you might fit with VIPKid and what you can do to improve and prepare for the next step – VIPKid Certification!

If you choose the recorded demo, of course you will miss out on the interactive discussion, but it’s an easy (and convenient) way to get started.  You should receive your results within 24 hours, and it does give you the chance to record multiple times within a two-hour window. (Do-over, anyone?) If you don’t pass the first time, you will have an opportunity to resubmit.

If you haven’t already applied, this is the perfect time to take advantage of the new, easier options! The process is always being updated to make it a better experience for our new teachers, so if you would like some help navigating through the process, I’d love to be your mentor through the process.  The first step is completing the VIPKid Application.

Once you have applied and we are connected, I’ll reach out to you so we can get started!

Good luck!

Completing the VIPKid Application

The first step in becoming a VIPKid teacher is applying!

While it may seem like this is self-explanatory, I’ve found that a lot of people have questions about the application itself, so I thought I would write this to help walk you through the process.

Please note – this is current as of 3/9/19. If updates become available, I will do my best to add them here!

Step 1: About You

This is pretty simple.  Fill in your information:

  • First Name
  • Middle Name (optional)
  • Last Name
  • Gender
    • Female
    • Male
    • Prefer not to disclose
  • Education
    • High School
    • Associate’s
    • Bachelor’s (MINIMUM REQUIRED!)
    • Master’s
    • Doctorate
    • None of the above

Please note, you MUST have at least a bachelor’s degree, though it is not required that it be in education.

Step 2: Logistics

  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Time Zone
  • Your Phone (numbers only)

Step 3: Qualifications

  • Please select the language(s) that you are most fluent in. (Max 3): English must be selected here.  You may add others, but they are not required.
  • Do you have extensive exposure to the USA and/or Canada K-12 education?
    • I teach/have taught students in a K-12 school in the USA and/or Canada
    • I teach/have taught in a structured homeschool environment that supports federal K-12 educational standards in the USA and/or Canada
    • I attended K-12 schools in the USA and/or Canada
    • None of the above
  • How much teaching experience do you have?
    • 0-6 months
    • 6-12 months
    • 1-3 years
    • 3-5 years
    • 5+ years

When answering this question, please be sure to include any potential teaching experience! This includes formal classroom teaching, substitute teaching, homeschooling, tutoring, coaching, training, etc.

Here are a few examples:

  • Homeschool teacher 3 years + T-ball coach 2 years =5+ years
  • Corporate trainer for 5 years + 4H Club leader/teacher for 5 years = 5+ years
  • Soccer coach for 1 year + after school math tutor for 6 months = 1-3 years
  • Referral Code (if you have one)

A referral code is not required, but I wish I had worked with a mentor through my application process. It would have been helpful to have someone who could answer my questions! Per VIPKid policy, as of October 1, 2019, we are not allowed to give out our referral code in mass; however, if you can find someone to help you, I do recommend it.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments. Otherwise, good luck!

Below are a few screenshots I took on my phone. These were taken 3/9/19.