VIPKid Library and Certification Center

If I’m looking for answers about VIPKid, there are two places I look:

To check out the Library and Certification Center, first go to the “Resources” page in the Teacher App.  From there, you have two main areas:


Within the library, there is a TON of information!

  • Workshops! (Maybe my favorite way to get more VIPKid training!)
  • Pre-recorded workshops and training
  • Top content from social media
  • Downloadable resources – rewards, props, and more


The certification page is useful, not only for gaining NEW certifications, but for brushing up on all of the different programs that VIPKid has to offer.

Get information on:

  • The Builder’s Program – where you get the chance to participate in other parts of the VIPKid world
  • Educational Courses – Tesol Foundational and Advanced
  • Major Courses – Levels 1-6
  • Supplementary – Courses such as Grammar or Voice of VIPKid
  • One to Many – the special programs offered by VIPKid for classroom teaching

Within each category, you can review requirements for certification, key tips and tricks, a summary of lessons, and a link to lesson-specific props, workshops, or helpful tips from mentors.

For a quick walkthrough of these resources, check out my video at “Resources” Tour – VIPKid Portal“Resources” Tour – VIPKid Portal.

I hope you found this helpful. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let me know in the comments. If you are new to VIPKid, I suggest that you start with Completing the VIPKid Application. If you are looking for a mentor, feel free to apply using my referral link.

Happy teaching (and learning!)

VIPKid Interview Process – Fast Pass Coaching Day

There are several different ways VIPKid applicants can complete their interviews and demo class. The newest (and fastest) way is to do a New Smart Demo Lesson – VIPKid Shortcut – April 2019.

If that option is not available, they can complete the VIPKid Interview and Full Demo.

In some areas, applicants can attend a Fast Pass Coaching event. This is a great way to learn more about the company and to meet some existing teachers. You should apply before RSVP’ing to a coaching event, and I would be happy to try to help find an event near you.  If you are able to attend, here’s what you can expect:

  • Skills Based Practice with experienced teachers. Skills include:
    • TPR (Total Physical Response)
    • Energy
    • Phonics
    • Student Output
    • Appropriate Language
    • Pacing
    • Reward Systems
  • Practice and Feedback
    • Help with the Online Teaching Portal
    • Practice for Mock Class/Certification
    • Schedule your Mock Class

The cost for the event is free, and it can last up to four hours.  You will need to bring a laptop with a video camera (please update your flash and Chrome browser before the session.)  Be sure you know your VIPKid username and password before attending. Attire is casual.

You can find a schedule of events in the VIPKid teacher’s portal under Community–> Events. Of course, I would be happy to try to help you find one as well. If you are looking for a mentor, feel free to reach out or apply using my referral link.

Good luck!