Prop Ideas – VIPKid Lower Level Certification (Option A)

Congratulations on deciding to certify for VIPKid lower level classes! These are so much fun to teach. Because you will be working with younger students, props are especially important to help reinforce the learning.

As I mentioned in VIPKid – Preparing for Mock Class (Lower Level), there are several types of props you can choose from.  You should be prepared to use at least 3 props and at least 2 different types of props.

Common types of props include:

  • Printed or Drawn (2D) props: flash cards, printed pictures, drawn pictures
  • Realia or 3D props: real items from your home that relate to the lesson, toy versions of items in the lesson
  • Digital props: gifs, google slides images that you display
  • Other props: whiteboard, magnetic letters

Be creative and find things that you can use that you enjoy. I would also encourage you to not spend a lot of money on buying props. I PROMISE that you have things around the house that you can use without spending money.

Here are some examples for Option A that you can use to get started! (Check out option B here!)

Slide 6 (Ball)

  • Beach Ball (this is fun because you can bounce it around and toss it, and the kids will enjoy it.)
  • Any other real or toy ball
  • Pictures of balls (beach ball or other types)
  • Flash card with a ball on it (picture, word, or both)
  • Magnetic letters on a whiteboard spelling ball

Slide 7 (He plays with a _____)

  • Basketball (real, toy, or printed)
  • Soccer ball (real, toy, or printed)
  • Verb chart that shows conjugation of the verb “play” (I play. You play. We play. They play. He playS. She playS. It playS.)
  • Whiteboard or flash card with the sentence written out on it so you can add the word if they struggle.
  • Gif of someone playing with a soccer ball or basketball

Slide 8 (drag and drop)

  • Real or toy soccer ball, basketball, or kite
  • Pictures of soccer ball, basketball, or kite
  • Gifs of soccer ball, basketball, or kite
  • Whiteboard or flashcard with question and answer written out

Slide 9 (throw)

  • Gif of someone throwing a bouquet
  • Gif of graduates throwing hats
  • Verb chart that shows conjugation of the verb “throw” (I throw. You throw. We throw. They throw. He throwS. She throwS. It throwS.)

Slide 10 (He throws)

  • Real or toy football
  • Picture of someone throwing a football
  • Gif of someone throwing a football

Slide 11 (throw/throws)

  • Real or toy football or snowball
  • Pictures of football or snowball
  • Gif of someone throwing a football or a snowball

Slide 12 (phonics)

  • Whiteboard to write the letters and words
  • Magnetic letters
  • Printed pool balls with letters
  • Legos with letters written on them
  • Letter blocks

Slide 13 (free talk)

  • A ball (any ball)
  • Gif of families playing keepaway or other ball game

With props, the possibilities are endless, and I encourage you to think about what you have around the house that you can use. Props do NOT have to be time intensive or expensive. They are just supplemental items that you can use to help reinforce the lesson.

For printed and digital materials above, I have samples that I can send you to use in your mock class if you would like. Simply sign up using my referral link or add my referral code AMELI0055 before your mock class. Comment below with what you would like help with, and I will be able to get your email address from your referral application.

Good luck!